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New York Mets: Mr. Met

 New york mets

Mr. Met is an imaginary character that holds the recognition of being the lucky charm of the New York Mets. He is a baseball-headed humanoid who dresses up like Mets players. Often he can be seen Shea Stadium during and after games. Casey Stengal, the old skipper of the young Mets holds the credit for introducing Mr. Mets.

 It was in 1963 when Casey Stengal saw a figure in the distance when the dew was still dampening Coogan's Bluff. Deep in the Polo Grounds' center field stood a fan like no other -- a fan clearly born to root for the New York Mets. Casey so took to the big guy, he invited him to join the Amazin's the following year at their new ballpark, Shea Stadium.


Mr. Met

mets stadium


Thus Mr. Met became the possession of the Met. Since 1969, his baseball head has been swelling and swell little larger from 1973 to 1986.

He cheers his favorite team and also boos the team in opposition like other admirers and fans. He leads all Major League mascots actively in high fours. Though he remains quiet but can gesticulate in 12 different languages. The fans get so attracted towards him since his is the only earthbound globe having its own gravitational pull.

In 1963, his official picture was graced when it was covered by the official Mets yearbook and scorecard. In 1964, Mr. Met became the recipient of the rookie-of-the-year honors for being the Major League Baseball's first stylish and contemporary live-action mascot. On Opening Day 2000, Mr. Met became the first Major League mascot to amuse fans overseas as the Mets played their first regular season game in Japan's Tokyo Dome 


mets players

 Mr. Met can also be dressed up or rented for special events. He can be obtained for various occasions such as birthdays, christenings, weddings, corporate affairs, community occasions, grand openings etc. He has made an appearance at the ballparks throughout the world and has participated in numerous events within the Tri-State area.


April 11, 1962 (date of the first Mets game)

ML Debut: 

April 14, 1964

ML Debut:  Flushing, NY

6'10" (A stitch taller than a standard doorway)

Weight:  Top Heavy
Throws:  T-shirts, Cracker Jacks, and great parties

Sleep upside down

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