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Minnesota Twins: T.C. the Bear

 Minnesota Twins

T.C. the Bear is the official mascot of the Minnesota Twins, a Major League Baseball club placed in the Central Division of the American League. Before having been associated with the Twins, T.C. was a part of the Carnivore League and lead the confederacy in home runs, runs batted in, and batting average. He is also a league record holder for eating most trout in a single setting. Before joining his favorite team, the Twins he was highly chased by teams throughout the country. 

T.C. the Bear is perceptibly a spoiled brat of the Hamm's Bear, one of the main icons of American commercial for anyone over 35. Hamm was born and raised in the land of sky-blue waters. He is very fond of watching Harmon Killebrew and Rich Rollins on an old black-and-white TV drumming out the Hamm's Beer theme with their tails. The Hamm's commercials were unique and depicted the carefree lifestyle, where other wild creatures danced around in the woods and Hamm's Bear typically ended up with an embarrassed look on his face.


T.C. the Bear

Twins Stadium


The pristine sky-blue waters and clear skies made the complimentary panorama. During the 1960s one couldn't sit through a Twins radio or TV broadcast without being hit by several Hamm's Beer commercials. The Hammís Bear became vastly popular and in 1965 was named the "most liked" figure in TV advertising by Audit Research Bureau polling. But by the late 1960s with the change in beer industry the supremacy of Hamm's Beer also ended.

Nowadays, the Hammís Bear lives on in T.C. Bear. Though he doesnít possess the same outrageousness as his father used to but resembles him a lot. He holds the dissimilarity of serving as the lucky charm of the MLB club, Minnesota Twins. Now he has become the veteran mascot and has gradually lost the enthusiasm that he used to possess in mascot softball games. Chase is a real up-and-comer in the Yankees organization and the Bear suffers a hold up in the Yankees association. The Twins have a huge hole at BatDog.

T.C. the Bear is a non-threatening brute and is unbearably heavy (as per his official bio). He is adorable with the cutest little nose. His flag-waving skills can never be called into question. He is versatile, friendly and enthusiastic. Throughout the year, T.C. makes appearance at Twins Youth Clinics, schools, hospitals, and parades and is also available for private parties, birthday parties or corporate events.


T.C. Bear (The T.C. stands for Twin Cities)




 unBEARably heavy BATS: Both - mostly left-handed

THROWS Both, but most of the time -- it's left-handed.
BORN: 1991 in Bear River, Minnesota

White Bear Lake, Minnesota


Signed as free agent, April 3, 2000


Dome Dogs, fresh fish, and the occasional pot o' honey

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