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Montreal Expos: Youppi

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Youppi, or Youppi!; Yippee! or Hooray! in French is an orange-colored fluffy giant. He has been the good luck charm of the Montreal Expos, a pro baseball team since 1979. This orange colored wooly monster is one of the most admired figures amongst kids at Olympic Stadium.


He is often seen running around randomly with his arms swinging crazily during baseball games. Expos beloved mascot is so long considered to be the strangest and most stupid in all of professional sports. He has been a fan favorite and most admired among the Expos young and younger fans. This energetic performer did anything including all the crazy things to entertain the fans. The mascot name was embroidered on the back velcro closure over the team’s logo on the center-crown.



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Youppi’s popularity has soared over the years because of his steady work with the community, amusing antics, and general boredom and confusion experienced by Expos fans at Olympic Stadium.  Youppi became the first mascot to be thrown out of a Major League Baseball game on August 23, 1989. He was expelled in the 11th inning when Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda complained that he was a source of distraction when he danced on top of the visitors' dugout. rumored to have a divergent sex life.


It was highly believed that Youppi could become a part-owner of the Expos if he chose to be. Youppi is one of three mascots inducted to the US Baseball Hall of Fame. The others are the Phillie Phanatic of Philadelphia and the Famous Chicken from San Diego. Their induction to the Hall of Fame is not considered to be "official."

With the relocation of the team in Washington D.C. from Montréal, Québec, Canada following the 2004 season, the team has become the Washington Nationals. The official mascot of the new era MLB club has been not yet decided, but it has been rumored that it will be a insect called “Nat.”


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