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San Francisco Giants: Lou Seal

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Lou Seal is a large gray colored seal like creature, a large marine mammal. He is the official mascot of the San Francisco Giants and has been a regular part of the Giants baseball home games. Like a fish out of water, Lou's flip-flop charm and wild sense of humor combined with high-powered zeal helps the Giants to keep their spirits high. His philosophy "Let's see what I can get away with next" has helped him to achieve many daring accomplishments.

          25 attempts of unsuccessfully kicking the umpire in the seat of his pants.

          Stole home plate five times.

          19 headstands behind home plate

          Placed 2.5 banana peels in the path of the opposing team.

          Five-time champion of "Act Crazy Behind The Fox Newscaster Without Getting Caught!"

          Directed more than 12 major name pre-game music bands.

          Winner of the 1998 Easter Seal Mascot Baseball Game.

          Caught 13 "fowl" balls with his mouth.


Lou Seal

Giants Stadium


Lou Seal was born on the Farallon Islands just west of the Golden Gate Bridge and grew up San Francisco. Currently he is staying under the Lefty O'Doul Bridge in the China Basin district of San Francisco. He comes from a very large family. He graduated from Pier 39 Flipper Academy and majored in Beach Ball Balancing and Shark Avoidance. He was spotted by Baker at Pier 39 and turned down many proposals from other baseball team only to join the Giants.

He won the San Francisco Tuna Eating Contest flippers-down from 1997-98. Once he grew his body hair so long that he started looking like an octopus. He aspires to be special guest on "Baywatch." Because of him his great-grandfather the original San Francisco minor league baseball team was named the San Francisco Seals. His great-grandfather retrieved the cap of the original owner of the team when he was strolling along Pier 23.

Lou Seal cheers the Giants along with the fans and helps to boost their morale. He also visits hospitals, youth organization and civic groups throughout Northern California and San Francisco. He goes out to community and charity events, schools, birthday parties and also attends corporate get-togethers. He has become a celebrity mascot and a true Giant. The kids admire him and the players love him. He helps keep the spectators energized.

Giants player

The Giants first introduced the character of Lou Seal to fans in 1997. But most of the people showed an inclination to bring back 1984's anti-mascot, Crazy Crab. During the crab era, players and fans had been encouraged to throw their tantrums about a monotonous season out on this creature. But in 1999, Lou Seal was improvised and was made more camera-friendly.

Lou Seal's popularity recently spread outside of Pac Bell Park and on to ESPN's news show "SportsCenter" after Giants promotional spot he filmed with actor Matt Griesser. Lou Seal is admired by the fans due to his dance moves and the humorous bits he does between plays.

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