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Florida Marlins : Billy

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 The Florida Marlins are a Major League Baseball team based in Miami, Florida, USA. They are in the Eastern Division of the National League. On June 10, 1991, the National League awarded a franchise to Wayne Huizenga, chief executive officer of Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation, owner of the Miami Dolphins football team, and chairman of the board of the Florida Panthers hockey team. The Marlins' first manager was Rene Lachemann, a former catcher who had previously managed the Seattle Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers.

Lachemann kept Florida out of the Eastern Division cellar during the 1993 season as the team finished the year five games ahead of the last-place New York Mets. After the Marlins finished last in their division in 1994 and fourth in 1995, Lachemann was replaced as manager midway through the 1996 season with the Marlins' director of player development, John Boles. Although posting a winning record of 83-79 (only their third winning season of their history) in the 2004 season, the Marlins' aspirations of successfully defending their World Series title fell short as they finished nine games behind the Houston Astros for the National League Wild Card title, thus the Marlins became the fourth consecutive major league team not to repeat as World Series champions. The home ballpark of the Florida Marlins is the Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida.



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The stadium has been home to the Miami Dolphins since 1987 and to the Florida Marlins since 1993. The stadium underwent a $10 million renovation before the 1993 season so that what was previously an American football stadium would be able to host baseball games. The lower deck in left field was converted to retractable stands, dugouts were built, and small temporary stands were added in front of the bullpen areas. The upper deck seats beyond the outfield are generally too far from the field to be in regular use, and are generally covered with canvas during the regular season.

The seats have been used for playoff baseball games, however. Some sections in right field have occasionally been covered over and used as a picnic area for baseball games as well. Because of the need to fit an American football field in the stadium, the field of play is larger than in most other new baseball stadiums.The 33-foot tall left field fence, nicknamed the Teal Monster - a play on the Green Monster at Fenway Park - further limits the ability of players to hit home runs. Foul territory is also fairly large in comparison with most new stadiums. Weighing 250 pounds and standing in at 8 feet, Billy the Marlin made his debut on February 25, 1993.

He has white eyeballs, black pupils, black eyelashes and black eyebrows. Billy attended Atlantis University and his favorite food is a tuna and sardine sandwich. Billy the Marlin was handpicked not only for his skill, cunning and great competitive nature, but most of all for his outstanding sense of humor and great rapport with baseball fans of all ages. Among the various traits of Billy the marlin are: An absolute master of pantomime, an eternal optimist no matter what, a natural-born clown/comic/mimic and good-natured prankster (always in good taste).

marlin player

Anything concerning baseball is considered "fair game", innovative-makes do with what he has to work with, occasionally clumsy, but maintains a sense of decorum, always manages to come out on top in the end, when fishing, it's always for fans, ball players or umpires. Bait is giant over-sized food or drink found at the ball park (hotdogs, peanuts in shells, pizza, etc.), slippery and evasive, this magnificent fish could very easily be the leader of the "untouchables". Billy the Marlin is available for appearances on birthdays, corporate functions and picnics, charitable and fund raising events, commercial events, parades, schools and church socials, festivals and carnivals, family reunions or any other event that Billy can make a difference.

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